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December 1st, 2008 · 1 Comment · Currently reading, Thank yous, Weekly theme

Hello everyone,

Our theme in the library this week is Old Books/New Books. We are reading “Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH,” “Harriet the Spy,” “Year of the Dog,” “Thora and the Green-Sea Unicorn: Another Half-Mermaid Tale,” the “Half Magic” books by Edward Eager, “Eragon,” the “Freddy in Peril” books and many others. Come by if you would like to take a look at the selection.

This is going to be one big thank you so get ready. I have only been at Peninsula since August, but in this short time, everyone has been so welcoming. I am glad to be part of your awesome community.  Thank you for that. Thank you for the pointers and the help and for everything else. Thanks for having such cool kids. Our students are incredible and their families are, too.

Thanks to our staff for helping show me the ropes. You are a great group of co-workers.

Thanks, too, for dropping by the virtual library.

A huge thank you to our neighbors and students who have been bringing in bags, boxes and cartons of new and “gently used” books to add to our collection. Some of these books have been stamped “Peninsula” and are now on our shelves. We love to have new titles to choose from. (We also have a number of new books we have purchased — or that are on order. We purchased these with grant money we were fortunate enough to receive — more on that another time. I would also like to use this web page to provide you with the titles of some of our favorite books, so you will know more about what we are reading in the library.)

Some of the books that have been donated to us have been shared with the classroom teachers, sent home with students, or have been shared with our Book Swap. The Book Swap shelves are directly across from the main office. Please help yourself.

We have a pretty wonderful patron here at Peninsula: Mrs. Marsha Stewart, a retired teacher from the Beaverton School District and a Peninsula Alumna, 8th grade class of 1960. She basically packed up her classroom when she retired and brought it over to share with our library. Thank you, Mrs. Stewart. You are the best.

Mrs. Stewart remembers when Peninsula moved to its present location. She was in the second grade. The teachers loaded up all the students with books, and they used a “kid delivery” system to truck the library to the new school.  Mrs. Stewart said this is one of her earliest memories of Peninsula School. She brought us close to 1,500 hardcover and paperback books, plus toys, posters, containers and bulletin board supplies. I hope she comes back to visit soon — we would love to welcome her as an honored guest, any time. And I won’t even make her move books around.

She is a great lady.

Thank you, too, to the ladies (and you all know who you are) who have been coming by (some of you daily) to help me shelve books, straighten up, and run the SMART reading program. It takes a lot of people and a big love of books to keep a library running right. You are amazing. (PS — I love library volunteers. Come by anytime, even if it’s just for a short visit.)

(Private note to the students: I’m glad you like to read. Keep up the good work.)


Mrs. Rawley
Library Assistant

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  • 1 Joey Chase // Dec 8, 2008 at 4:55 am

    I finished Twilight this weekend and loved it. New Moon sounds just as exciting. Bella begins a new adventure with Jacob while Edward heads to Italy. It is not available until they reprint more copies according to & Borders, but I have a copy on hold at the Multnomah County Library.

    Happy Reading,
    Ms. Joey Chase
    3rd/4th Grade