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oh, hallo!

March 27th, 2014 · No Comments · Art, Education, Educational Web Sites, Joke of the Day

Is everyone having a good spring break?

(Photo by Steve Rawley)

If you are bored, don’t forget your…

Dance Mat Typing

Typing Agent

Student Source!

IXL! (if you are not one of my students, you can click on “learn more about IXL” for a trial version) and…

Coding, coding and more coding.

Also, we saw a whole bunch of pirates at the Oregon Coast Aquarium, eating party food with their wives and kids. Hmmm. What do you make of that?

Yeah, I’m not so sure, either.

However, my daughter and I made up a bunch of pirate jokes in their honor, so here you go…

Where does a pirate leave his dog?
In the yaaaaaard

What does a pirate do on his birthday?
Throws a paaaaaaaaarty.

How does a pirate pay for his dinner?
With a credit caaaaaaaaaaaaaard!

There were more, but you’ll have to wait until later. See you next Monday, kids šŸ™‚

— Mrs. R