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“I Am” Poem — anon.

June 11th, 2010 · No Comments · Poetry

“I Am” Poem

“I am a kid that had no mom.
I wonder what she would be like if she were alive.
I hear her voice inside my head saying I love you
so understand. I see the pictures of her
and see I want to be successful and I shall be.
I am sad for how little time I had her.

I pretend she looks at me from the sky saying
Why have you chosen the wrong path?
I touch my heart and say you left and I
got weak. These drugs took over me as
you can see. Mom I miss you can’t you see?

I understand you are gone now but you will always
be in my memory. You won’t leave my heart or my mind
until the day I die I will fade to the
sky. And I will wish to see you in the sky.
I hope to see you one last time but that is
impossible, you are gone now.

Oh how I miss you mom.
I’m just a kid that had no mom.”

— anon.